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24th June, 2013

Stock Nusa Raya Cipta Sign of Islamic Securities

BEI Syariah
 JAKARTAFinancial Services Authority (FSA) establishes PT Nusa Raya Cipta Tbk as Islamic securities so entered in the List of Islamic securities since June 18, 2013.

Chief Executive of the Capital Market Supervisory FSA, Nurhaida in a press release received here on Thursday (20/6), said the establishment of the Islamic securities based on the decision of the Board of Commissioners FSA Number: Kep33 / D.04 / 2013 dated June 18, 2013.

The publication of the decision as a follow-up of the review of the FSA on the fulfillment of the criteria of Islamic securities of the Registration Statement submitted by PT Nusa Raya Cipta Tbk.

Source of data used as the material comes from the review of the Registration Statement and other supporting data in the form of written data obtained from the issuer or other parties who can be trusted.

Periodically, FSA will conduct a review of the list of Islamic securities based on the Annual Financial Report and Annual Financial Statements of the issuer or public company.

A review of the list of Islamic securities is also carried out if there are issuers or public companies whose Registration Statement has become effective and meet the criteria of Islamic securities or if there is a corporate action, information or facts from issuers or public companies may lead fulfilled or not fulfilled the criteria of Islamic securities.(ant/hrb)

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